Overview of RCOG

Learn about the role of the RCOG, our work, our members, and how you can get involved.   

What we do

Overview of our work, RCOG strategy, annual reports and annual reviews

Get involved with the College

How you can support and contribute to our work

Invited review service

The College’s review service, designed to help employers improve O&G services and/or individual clinical practice


Information about our Board of Trustees, Council, Officers, College committees and staff

FSRH and specialist societies

Professional societies for specialist areas of O&G practice who work in partnership with the RCOG


College policies, procedures and regulations

Work for us

See all current staff vacancies at the College


Membership categories, benefits of membership and how to become a member

Support our work

Help us achieve our goals and fundraise for the RCOG

Commercial opportunities

Advertising, sponsorship, exhibition and other commercial opportunities at the RCOG

National Guideline Alliance

Women and children's health, cancer and mental health guidelines produced for NICE

History of the College

Development of the College, history of O&G and past Presidents of the College

Facilities & venue hire

Our conference, event and meeting facilities, and overnight accommodation at the College

Estates Project

Our plans for the College's estate and location