Our values

We are a values led organisation placing high standards, innovation, openness, inclusiveness and trust at the centre of all we do.

High standards

We have a shared commitment to producing consistently excellent quality work. We are professionals who are outcomes-driven and customer-focused. We continuously look for ways to evaluate past practice and improve our ways of working. We care about the College and about achieving our shared vision to improve women’s healthcare worldwide.



We encourage new ideas and creativity, looking at the bigger picture for ways to shape the future of women’s healthcare everywhere. We value diverse perspectives and approaches, and use technology and data to inform decisions. We think critically and imaginatively, seeking new and challenging opportunities to grow and deliver best value for women’s health. .



We are honest and transparent about what we do, how we act and the challenges we face. We respond positively to challenging and constructive feedback, acknowledging mistakes and approaching change bravely and with an open mind. We work collaboratively, sharing important information promptly and fully.

Open Doors.png


We work with diverse partners in the UK and across the world and we treat everyone as an individual, listening to one another’s needs and preferences. We actively support each other in reaching our professional potential and do this by engaging in peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, skills development and learning. We create a positive and safe workplace free of harassment, bullying or discrimination.


We are fully engaged in the work of the College and are empowered to take responsibility. We are encouraged to speak up if we need help and / or have concerns. We encourage a culture of mutual support, respect and trust, working every day to do what is right for the College.